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If you have a query about research governance, integrity and ethics, please get in touch with us.

Please see below for a list of query specific contacts within the team.

Query typeContact nameTelEmail
Research ethics, the ERM system or ethics training Genevieve Pridham  -
Research integrity, animal research or AWERB Karen Lythe 0161 275 2706
UREC application submission or committee meetings Michelle Earnshaw 0161 275 2206
Human Tissue Act or NHS IG toolkit Diane Escott 0161 275 7583
Human Tissue Act or research ethics  Kate Hennessy  -
Clinical trials or medical devices Mohammed Zubair 0161 275 2725
Clinical trials or medical devices Stephanie Edwards 0161 275 2167
Clinical trials or medical devices Lubica Stasinkova 0161 275 7283
Research misconduct April Lockyer 0161 275 8093

For any queries regarding the information on these pages, including linked information, please email Genevieve Pridham at