Policies and guidelines

Here are the most current policies and guidance relating to data protection, the Human Tissue Act, clinical trials and animal research.

Data protection

Good data protection management means having effective processes and methodologies in place to maintain data integrity.

If you are a member of research staff at The University of Manchester, read more about data protection on StaffNet

Human Tissue Act

All staff working with human tissue stored under the University's Human Tissue Authority (HTA) Research Licence and those who may wish to retain tissue at the end of an ethically approved research project must comply with the HTA Codes of Practice and University policies and procedures for the management of human tissue samples for research.


Standard Operating Procedures and guidance documents

If you are a member of research staff at The University of Manchester, read more about the Human Tissue Act on StaffNet.

Clinical trials

All staff working on a clinical trial of an investigational medicinal product (CTIMP) must read the University Policy for Compliance with The Medicines for Human Use.


Current trials policy

 Clinical Trials Insurance Policy

Read our Clinical Trial Management Group (CTMG) Terms of Reference (PDF document, 124KB)

Standard Operating Procedures

Applicable, as appropriate, for CTIMP, Medical Device and other high risk studies.


Study Setup and Conduct

Third Parties

IT/Data Management

Pharmacovigilance & Regulatory

Pharmacy Support

Monitoring & Audit




If you have any queries elating to the policies, procedures and SOPs related to clinical trials, please contact the Research Governance, Ethics and Integrity Manager for Clinical Trials:

Dr Mohammed Zubair
Directorate of Research and Business Engagement
Christie Building
The University of Manchester
M13 9PL

Animal research

The purpose of our animal research policy (PDF document, 134KB) is to provide a clear statement about the University’s position in relation to the use of animals in research and clarify the responsibilities of those who involve animals in University activities and the key University roles in overseeing these activities.

The policy applies to all staff, students and person undertaking research that involves animals, with the intention of publishing their work under the address of the University of Manchester. The policy divides the use of animals in research into 4 categories A, B, C and D and defines the ethical review requirements for each. 

If you are a member of research staff at The University of Manchester, read more about animal research on StaffNet.