MSc Social Research Methods and Statistics / Careers

Year of entry: 2020

Career opportunities

There is an increasing need for well-trained social scientists who are able to apply advanced methods of analysis to complex data.

As a graduates of our MSc course in Social Research Methods and Statistics, you will gain relevant marketable skills that will put you in a good position to obtain jobs in:

  • the academic sector;
  • central and local government;  and
  • within the commercial and voluntary research sector.

We have excellent links with ONS and government departments, local authorities and many commercial organisations and we are well-placed to assist students in finding jobs.

A number of our students already hold research positions (typically in local government or overseas) taking the MSc as part of a career development programme. The course is ideal preparation for students wishing to pursue doctoral study, and is a formal component of our 1+3 PhD training model.