Living costs for master's students

Living costs for master's students in Manchester are comparable to other major UK cities but are much lower than in London.

As a master's student, it is important to budget sensibly to ensure you have enough money for the duration of your studies. Although living costs can vary greatly from student to student, the table below gives a breakdown of the essential living expenses of an average Manchester student for one academic year.

The estimates are based on the average annual expenditure of a single postgraduate student on a full-time course.

These costs are intended as a guide only.

Estimated living costs 2022/23 for postgraduate students

Cost52 weeksWeekly cost (based on 52 weeks)
Accommodation (self-catered) £7,700 £148.08
Meals (excluding meals out) £2,600 £38.94
Clothes £520  
Local transport (excludes travelling home / visiting friends) £535 Weekly, monthly and annual bus passes available
Other (eg mobile phone bill, socialising, laundry, photocopying and printing) £2,600 £50
Total £13,955