What is online learning?

Online learning allows you to get a university-level education without having to physically attend our campus. You’ll have access to all of the world-class teaching and support that The University of Manchester has to offer, but all of your lectures, tutorials and assessments will take place online.

Our online learning courses are built around flexibility – allowing you to plan your own learning at a time and a place that suits you.

Courses run for a fixed duration at certain points in the year. Some activities are scheduled – such as online meetings with your tutor – but otherwise you're free to access and work through the video lectures, reading materials and other online activities at your convenience. 

Who does online learning?

There is no such thing as a typical online learning student: this form of study suits people with very varied circumstances, including:

  • professionals wishing to improve their career prospects;
  • individuals wishing to re-educate for a change in career;
  • those wishing to undertake higher education for the first time;
  • people undertaking courses for personal interest;
  • students who need a flexible study option due to family or work commitments;
  • individuals who are geographically mobile (eg the armed forces);
  • people with learning difficulties and disabilities;
  • those living in geographically remote areas;
  • mature students.