MSc Health Data Science / Application and selection

Year of entry: 2024

How to apply

Please apply via our online application form , following any instructions for completion carefully.

There is high demand for this course and we operate a staged admissions process with selection deadlines throughout the year. Please visit the Application and Selection section for details of deadlines and the supporting documents that we require.

Advice to applicants

We operate a staged admissions process with selection deadlines throughout the year. We give preference to applicants from high-ranking institutions with grades above our minimum entry requirements.

Please submit all supporting documentation with your application before the application deadline to avoid a delay in processing. Incomplete applications will roll over to the next stage and will not be reviewed until all documentation is received.

Applications for 2024

  • Stage 1: Application received by 3 Nov 2023; decision by 15 Dec 2023.
  • Stage 2: Application received by 22 Dec 2023; decision by 16 Feb 2024.
  • Stage 3: Application received by 1 Mar 2024; decision by 26 Apr 2024.
  • Stage 4: Application received by 7 June 2024; decision by 12 July 2024.

While we aim to give you a decision on your application by the deadline date, in some instances due to the competition for places and the volume of applications received, it may be necessary to roll your application forward to the next deadline date. If this is the case we will let you know after the deadline date. Applications received after our final selection deadline will be considered at our discretion.

Applicants who are made a conditional offer of a place must demonstrate that they have met all the conditions of their offer by 31 July 2024.

Supporting documents

We require the following documents before we can consider your application:

  • Official Bachelor degree transcripts, including official translations and original language copies if study not undertaken in English. 2+2 and 3+1 applicants must provide official transcripts and certificates from both institutions.
  • An official document from your university verifying your current weighted average mark (not arithmetic average) if this information is not included in your transcript of study. Where grades are given as a percentage, the weighted average mark must also be recorded as a percentage.
  • Degree certificate if you have already graduated. If you are still studying, please provide an official list of all the units you are taking in your final year.
  • Personal statement.
  • A CV if you graduated more than three years ago.
  • Two academic references dated and signed within six months of your application.
  • Personal statement of approximately 300-500 words about why you wish to take this course and how it will affect your personal and professional development.

If English is not your first language, we also require proof of your English language ability. If you have already taken an English language qualification, please include your certificate with your application.

You must submit all these supporting documents with your application. If any of the above information is missing, we will not be able to consider your application and it may be withdrawn.

How your application is considered

We consider your full academic history including which course units you have taken and the marks obtained. Even if you have met our minimum entry requirements, we will take into account your marks in relevant course units in our final decision making.

If you graduated more than three years ago, we will also consider the information contained on your CV and any relevant work experience you have to assess if you are still able to fulfil the entry criteria.

Interview requirements

No interview is required for this course.

Overseas (non-UK) applicants

We welcome applications from overseas students.  


Applications for deferred entry are not accepted for this course. If you receive an offer and wish to be considered for the following year of entry, you will need to place a new application. Please be aware there is no guarantee of receiving another offer, and offer conditions are subject to change in line with entry requirements.


If you applied in the previous year and your application was not successful, you may apply again.

Your application will be considered against the standard course entry criteria for that year of entry. In your new application you should demonstrate how your application has improved. 

We may draw upon all information from your previous applications or any previous registrations at the University as a student when assessing your suitability for your chosen course.