PhD Physical Geography / Application and selection

Year of entry: 2023

How to apply

Apply online

Please ensure you include all required supporting documents at the time of submission, as incomplete applications may not be considered.

Application Deadlines

Most funding opportunities (internal and external partners – list here ) require you to have submitted a PhD application by 1 st February 2023, at the latest. However, we recommend that you apply in advance of this date as it can be advantageous to have a PhD offer already in place prior to application for funding.   

If you are applying for, or have secured, external funding (for example, from a government or employer) or intend to self-fund then you will need to have submitted an application by 30 th June 2023, at the latest. Unfortunately, you will not be able to apply to the PhD programme after this deadline has passed.

Advice to applicants

Your completed application should include:

  • two references, one of which should be familiar with your academic work, on headed paper from the institution, signed, dated and stamped; 
  • a degree certificate and transcript for your bachelor's and master's degrees; 
  • a research proposal; 
  • evidence of your English language proficiency; 
  • a detailed CV.

Admission to studying for a PhD or a Professional Doctorate is highly competitive, so please allow as much time as possible to prepare your application, browse our research pages and academics' profiles, and familiarise yourself with the application process and any important deadlines.

Your supervisor will be an important part of your PhD programme.

It's a close relationship over more than years, through which you develop your ideas, skills, thinking and research.

Your supervisor's research interests should therefore closely align to yours.

If you aren't applying for a specific project, you'll need to find potential supervisors who will support your research.

Details on recent publications, ongoing projects and particular research interests are all available on our  academics' profiles .

We strongly recommend that you approach academics who complement your research interests before you apply.

Your potential supervisor will give you advice on developing your research proposal as well as critical feedback to help make your proposal strong and competitive when it comes to applying for funding.

If you'd like us to match you to a suitable supervisor, providing clear details of your research area or group within your application will make it easier for us to identify suitable opportunities for you.

Include any details in section six of your application from under 'Proposed programme of study'.

Although guarantees cannot be made, we'll do our best to match your area of research to the most suitable supervisors within the field.

How your application is considered

In reaching a decision on applications, we review a number of criteria, including:
  • the availability of two appropriate supervisors;
  • the relevance and strength of your research proposal;
  • your academic standing and relevant professional experience.

When you submit an application, you will receive notification that it has been received. Our admissions team will contact you to let you know if we require any further information.

We aim to process all applications within six weeks and will contact you with our decision as soon as possible.

Interview requirements

You may be required to attend an interview.