At the Manchester Institute for Education (MIE) we have a commitment to addressing social justice, and to enabling evidence informed educational change through both our scholarly activities and our collaborative partnerships with professionals.

Our work builds upon a longstanding reputation for excellence in educational research and teaching with a tradition stretching back to 1890, when education was first established as a focus for study within The University of Manchester.  

We offer a lively international student community. We are one of the largest graduate educational research communities in the UK; our Institute offers a rich diversity of opportunity for our postgraduate research students.  

The Manchester Institute of Education approach to research is distinctive through a focus on equity and practice, making a significant contribution to the University’s goal of social responsibility. Our aim is to ensure that research is at the cutting edge of theory and practice, and that it contributes to improvements in the overall quality of education for students, their families and communities in educational settings throughout the world. Productive partnerships with policy-makers and practitioners have been developed in order to interplay ideas, evidence and strategy. 

Key research themes include:

  • disadvantage and poverty;
  • critical education policy and leadership;
  • critical pedagogies and maths education;
  • special educational and additional needs, which comprises three areas – applied prevention in education, special educational needs and disabilities, and educational and counselling psychology. 


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