Physics and Astronomy

Research staff: 70
Research postgraduates: 138

The Department of Physics and Astronomy at Manchester is one of the largest and most active schools of physics in the UK.

We have a long tradition of excellence in both teaching and research, and have interests in most areas of contemporary research.

The Department has a strong presence in a number of Manchester-based centres for multidisciplinary research:

  • The Photon Science Institute
  • The Manchester Centre for Non-Linear Dynamics
  • The Dalton Nuclear Institute
  • The Mesoscience and Nanotechnology Centre

In addition, the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics in Cheshire is part of the Department.

Strong research activity exists in a broad range of physics topics funded by the Research Councils including EPSRC, STFC, BBSRC, the EU and industry.

All the research groups offer well-equipped laboratories and computing facilities, and are involved in a wide range of collaborative projects with industry and other academic departments in the UK and overseas.

A research degree in Physics is regarded by employers as evidence of thorough training in numerate problem-solving, and it opens up a wide range of career choices.

In addition to a university or research laboratory career, PhD physicists are found across the full spectrum of employment including the media, editorial and writing work, finance and banking, and medicine.

Two of our most recent graduates have held positions as diverse as a support astronomer at a telescope in Hawaii and a publicity director for an international orchestra.


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