BEng Mechanical Engineering with Management / Careers

Year of entry: 2022

Career opportunities

Graduate with a degree from The University of Manchester's Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering and you'll be in demand among top graduate employers  (most targeted university in  The Graduate Market in 2020 - High Fliers Research ).

As the field of engineering is wide and diverse, so are the career opportunities for our graduates. From the conception of new ideas, planning and maintenance, or the managing of complex products and manufacturing systems, engineering is an exciting profession - one in which an individual can take pride. Our graduates continue into exciting careers in the automotive industry, in biomechanics, manufacturing, as well as going on to further study or research. Many of the world's most successful companies have a leader with a background in engineering (for example Microsoft, Amazon and General Motors).

Top-rated for graduate employment, any one of our degrees will open up a whole range of opportunities to you. Our courses have a practical base, to ensure you leave us with not only the theory behind mechanical engineering, but also the skills to put theory into practice. The spectrum of jobs our graduates enter includes consultancy, construction, design, manufacturing, management, and many others. We have strong links with a wide variety of companies, across many engineering sectors, and our Industrial Advisory Boards enable us to ensure our courses remain up-to-date with the current needs of industry.

Accrediting organisations

All our  Mechanical Engineering degrees are fully accredited  - Chartered Engineer CEng is the highest professional qualification for engineers. It is recognised internationally and renders you eligible for the European Ingenieur (Eurling) qualification.

The process to become a Chartered Engineer has three stages:

  • 1. The Educational Base (MEng, or BEng with MSc)
  • 2. Initial Professional Development
  • 3. Professional Review
Graduates on this BEng (Hons) course will therefore need further learning equivalent to masters level for Chartered status, via an approved or accredited MSc, transfer to an MEng course, or other further learning, such as part of a structured training programme in the workplace.

Associated organisations

Students are encouraged to become members of the  Institution of Mechanical Engineers