Peer support awards

To celebrate the work accomplished by our student mentors, the University organises an annual awards show where those students who have made an outstanding contribution to campus life are rewarded for their efforts.

Peer support offers new students the opportunity to talk to existing students who have been at Manchester for some time to gain support, advice and help settling in to the University and their studies.

These schemes enhance the quality, quantity and diversity of learning for all students involved, creating informal partnerships in the learning experience, providing further opportunity to develop their intellectual and professional skills, and enabling a supportive environment to assist the transition to and through higher education.

Below, Sam Howard from our Peer Support team talks about the peer support awards and outlines the range of schemes available to new students at The University of Manchester.

Peer Support Awards 2017 winners

  • PASS Mentor – George Whitehead, French.
  • PASS Leaders – Alan Chambers, Mechanical Engineering; Alice Frostick, Mechanical Engineering; Ana Gea, Aerospace Engineering; Baljit Mudhar, Materials Science; Batuhan Yildirim, Materials Science; Dylan Feore, Aerospace Engineering; Ruth Kellett, Aerospace Engineering; Sarah Mundy,Mechanical Engineering; and Sarbik Banerjea, Aerospace Engineering.
  • PASS Student coordinators – Amena Girgirah, Pharmacy; Anna Urquhart, Aerospace Engineering; Autumn Rudd, Chemistry; Bruna Frydman, Mechanical Engineering; Chris Perrins, Chemistry; Humza Ansari, Pharmacy; Jamie Casanas, Aerospace Engineering; Jasmine Khanom, Mechanical Engineering; Kristina Stewart, Pharmacy; Stephanie Taylor, Mechanical Engineering; Struan McDonough, Computer Science.
  • PASS Mentoring Student Coordinators – Abigail Harding, Medicine; Daisy Marchant, Medicine; Emily Ride, Medicine; Harriet Shearman, Medicine; Joshua Cass, German; Ki Yiu Cheung, BA Economics; Mohammad Abdullah, Medicine; Amir Salahi, Medicine; Riddhi Aggarwal, Psychology; and Riddi Viswanathan, BA Economics.
  • Academic Staff Coordinators – Floriane Place-Verghnes, French, and Iain Duper, MACE.
  • Administrative Staff Coordinators Alexandra Lawrence and Lisa Cullen, both Medicine.