Learning through research

Manchester is a university built on research. We’re ranked fifth in the UK for research power. For you, this means the chance to learn in an environment where academic enquiry seeks to truly change the world.

We put learning through research at the centre of our teaching. Discoveries that hit the headlines one day could feature in one of your lectures the next. On many of our courses you’ll have the chance to learn research skills – teaching you not only how to answer, but how to question.

On many of our undergraduate courses you can get involved in research activities as part of a structured and supported learning process. Opportunities include:

  • making the most of material in the extensive collections of the University’s museum and art gallery as well as the vast holdings of the historic John Rylands Research Istitute and Library;
  • engaging with the latest scientific and technological advances;
  • analysing large official data sets;
  • performing literature reviews to uncover new perspectives.

Engaging with these opportunities can equip you with the skills to help you take the next step – whether that's into your new career or as a continuing student.

Summer internships

As well as undertaking research as part of your course, you may be able to undertake a Learning through Research Internship during your summer vacation. The internship, which is fully paid, allows students to gain invaluable experience in research and an insight into academic careers. The scheme is part of our Careers Service's Student Experience Internship programme and offers places in a wide range of disciplines. The opportunities are mainly available at the end of your second year.

Hear from some of the students and researchers involved in our internship scheme in the video below.


Examples of learning through research projects

Manchester student Farhana Choudhury won an international Undergraduate Award in 2017 thanks to her undergraduate research project on education in Afghanistan and Nepal – read Farhana’s story.

Watch the videos below to hear from lecturers, collections managers and students about some of the projects to which Manchester's undergraduates have contributed.