Application hints and tips

You’ve seen your dream job and now you’re ready to make your work mean more. So here are some tips on how to tackle your online application to work with us at The University of Manchester.

Hints and tips

  • Allow plenty of time to complete your application form. If you're rushing, then you're more likely to forget something, or make a mistake. 
  • Avoid technical issues by ensuring there is a good Internet signal and your device is fully charged. Consider preparing lengthier text in a Word document that you can back up to your hard drive then copy and paste later in the event of any internet or battery issues.
  • You can log out and return to complete further information at a later time; any progress you have made will be saved as long you have selected Save and Continue.
  • Pay attention to your spelling, punctuation and grammar.  Errors can be off-putting for shortlisters – and especially so if written communication skills is on the person specification.  Think about using a spell checker or asking a trusted friend to proofread your application before sending.
  • First impressions count – so think about your tone in your application. You probably won’t know what level of formality the panel are expecting until you meet them, so make sure you are communicating at all times with professionalism.
  • Be positive! Instead of focusing on any gaps in your experience, focus on what you’ve achieved already and set out actions you’ve identified to develop further. 

Frequently asked questions