For your students

At Manchester we work closely with teachers and career advisers in primary, secondary and further education, from down the road and across the globe, in order to develop a comprehensive suite of professional, interactive and imaginative activities to support and inspire your pupils.

We want to enthuse and inform learners of all ages about the range of opportunities and pathways open to them when considering higher education. We also want to identify and attract the most talented students to Manchester, regardless of their educational background – and we need your help to do so. 

Working with Manchester

Our professional and flexible service to schools and colleges focuses on the needs of you and your pupils. 

Manchester staff provide expert, up-to-date information about progression to higher education, and belong to the Higher Education Liaison Officers Association (HELOA) – the professional body overseeing university work with prospective students and their influencers. 

Our staff and student ambassadors working with young people have also received training and official clearances to undertake their work. 

Our outreach offer: 2020/21

We're using the current situation as an opportunity to review our outreach offer for both 2020/21 and the future years. University staff working remotely and school closures in 2019/20 have led to new, innovative ways of working for the team and we're keen to capture the benefits of these in our activities in the future. 

We're busy working to provide alternative ways for teachers, schools and pupils to engage with us, alongside our more traditional face-to-face interactions which we hope to return to in the future. 

Please check the website for regular updates and ensure you are signed up to relevant mailing lists as we’ll be keeping everyone up to date via these. 

And if you haven’t already, have a look at our varied teacher resources which includes activities, presentations and handouts developed by our staff for you and your pupils.