Higher education presentations, talks and workshops

Our team of knowledgeable staff offer a range of presentations, talks and workshops about different aspects of higher education (HE) to learners in post-16 education. While we inevitably draw on examples from The University of Manchester, each presentation is designed to offer generic information and advice for post-16 learners.

Higher education presentations

Choosing What and Where to Study This presentation covers the main issues to think about when students are considering their higher education options.
  • Why go to university?
  • What should you consider when choosing what to study and what are the implications on future job prospects?
  • What should you consider when choosing which university to study at?
We'll also introduce resources learners can use to help in carrying out their research into different courses and universities.
30 to 45 minutes Year 12 learners
Writing a good personal statement This presentation covers the UCAS application process and how to write an effective personal statement. Information includes:
  • key UCAS information (including dates/timescales);
  • the UCAS application form and the process of applying through UCAS;
  • an introduction to the personal statement and how it is used by universities;
  • what to include in a personal statement and tips for students to demonstrate they have the skills, knowledge and experience to succeed on their chosen course.
There is also an option for a classroom-based workshop which is suitable for groups of up to 40 students. Learners will take part in a range of activities which will encourage them to focus on their skills and evidence them effectively, and will have the opportunity to begin structuring their personal statement.

Personal statement leaflets will be given out (to support the information given in the presentation) regardless of whether the presentation-only option is selected or the workshop option.
45 minutes (presentation only)

60 to 90 minutes (presentation and workshop)
Year 12/13 learners
Student Life This presentation aims to excite and enthuse students and give them a taste of student life by introducing them to:
  • our Welcome programme;
  • the Students' Union, clubs, societies, sports and volunteering;
  • accommodation and pastoral support;
  • higher education study methods.
This presentation is delivered by a current student or recent graduate.
30 minutes Year 12/13 learners
Why Manchester? This presentation covers key information about the ‘Manchester experience’ including study opportunities, student life, the city of Manchester and our history and heritage. 30 to 45 minutes Year 12/13 learners and/or parents and carers
Student Finance This presentation covers:
  • tuition fees and tuition fee loans
  • maintenance loans and grants
  • additional types of support available
  • scholarships and bursaries
  • repayment
  • key resources and websites for more information
There is also an option for a classroom-based workshop which is suitable for up to 40 students. This workshop will focus on budgeting while at university and will give top tips for students on managing their money effectively.
45 to 60 minutes (presentation only)

60 to 90 minutes (presentation and budgeting workshop)
Year 12/13 learners and/or parents and carers
Study Skills Advice

This presentation is designed to help students improve their approaches to learning.

Information includes:

  • different learning styles and revision types
  • how to manage time in the academic year
  • approaches to note-taking, referencing, planning and prioritising tasks.
30 to 45 minutes Year 12/13 learners
Supporting the Transition into Higher Education

This presentation highlights key differences between further education and higher education and is aimed at providing information in order to support a smooth transition. The presentation focuses on:

  • preparing for the academic changes
  • managing finances as a student
  • supporting wellbeing while at university
 30 minutes  Year 12/13 learners and/or parents and carers
Preparing for University interviews 

This presentation covers how to prepare for a university interview, what admissions tutors are looking for in students and what to expect during the interview process.

 30 minutes  Year 12/13 learners 

Subject enrichment presentations


Subject enrichment presentations and optional workshops

Looking for a PhD Student to share their passion and enthuse your pupils about their subject area? If so, the "Why Study...?" activities may be perfect for you!

Find out more and book online delivery.

The featured subject areas provide an introduction to learners in subjects they may not have encountered yet but are interested in pursuing post-16. 

Presentation approximately 30-45 minutes

Year 10/11/12 learners

Please also visit our Activities for the Classroom for a range of pre recorded activities developed by our staff and students. 

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