'Why Study?' talks

Our 'Why Study?' series of presentations provides up-to-date information, advice and guidance to young people, so that they can make informed decisions about their future.

The talks raise awareness of some of the most competitive and demanding subject areas in higher education and encourage students to aspire to study them. They're delivered by PhD students with a passion for their subjects and higher education.

As we can’t deliver these talks face-to-face at the moment, we’ve collated videos and online resources from our PhD students for your students. 

Why study Biological Sciences? (Secondary and Post-16)

Hear from some of our PhD students about what makes Biological Sciences an interesting subject to study. 

Jason Chu


Katie Sadler


Discovering humanities (Secondary and Post-16)

Hear from Charlotte Hoyland, one our PhD students about the benefits of studying Humanities degrees.


Why study Modern Languages (Secondary and Post-16)

Alina McLellan, a PhD student in French and Linguistics, tells you why she chose to study Modern Languages as part of her undergraduate degree.


Why study Linguistics (Secondary and Post-16)

Here Alina McLellan, a PhD student in French and Linguistics, discusses the benefits of studying Linguistics.


Understanding Manchester’s social history (Secondary)

In this video, Adam Waddingham, a History PhD, student shares activities with you to help you understand the social history of Manchester, and the benefits of studying History.


Understanding research in space (Secondary and Post-16)

Ioana Mosneag, a PhD Student in Neuroscience usually researches drugs for stroke (brain attacks) and the blood vessels in the brain. But, she also has a passion for space medicine and has created a workshop to shar some of the amazing facts about space and research.

Go to workshop

Understanding Psychology (Primary)

Hear from Jess Stepanous, one of our PhD researchers about her research into social relationships  such as friends and family  affect the brain and mental health.


Understanding social marketing (Secondary and Post-16)

Charlotte Hoyland, PhD candidate in our Alliance Manchester Business School, talks through students through a set of activities that outline what social marketing is and how it impacts your everyday life.


Understanding the rock cycle (Primary)

A presentation with video and audio files, by Zoe Cumberbatch, PhD Student, through which Zoe will help you find out about different type of rocks and how they are formed. 

Download presentation (350MB)

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