Cultural institutions

Our cultural institutions are committed to sharing knowledge with young learners and the wider community.

Suitable for multiple age groups

The Manchester Museum is the UK’s leading university museum with a collection that spans millennia and comprises over four million objects. Here you can find anything from Darwin to Turing, from natural history and the environment to technology and the environment, via objects as remarkable as dinosaur skeletons and mummies from Ancient Egypt.

The Museum holds regular educational live streams suitable for all ages where students can submit their own questions to ask the experts. Topics include Egyptology and Dinosaurs.

Jodrell Bank is a world-famous radio observatory and UNESCO World Heritage Site. For the last 75 years, the pioneering scientists and researchers at Jodrell Bank have been at the forefront of our quest for understanding, and at the heart of ground-breaking discoveries and world-leading research.


The Special Collections Division at The John Rylands Research Institute and Library holds outstanding collections of rare books, manuscripts and archives. Spanning five millennia, the manuscript collections include literary, historical, antiquarian, genealogical, biblical, devotional, ritualistic, medical, scientific, legal and administrative texts in numerous languages.