How The University of Manchester is helping combat the climate crisis

As one of the world’s leading research institutions, we're providing solutions to global energy challenges.

Our research focuses on how to make energy sources sustainable, how to transport efficiently and how to meet demand while minimising our effect on the environment.

Research areas include bioenergy, cities and urban energy use, climate change, energy networks and energy storage. 

“We have a duty to engage the public and policy makers with the evidence about sustainable development  and joining this global movement of media organisations will help amplify efforts our efforts to communicate the world’s climate crisis”.  

Dr Julian Skyrme / Director of Social Responsibility

Covering Climate Now

We've joined forces with more than 220 global organisations to support the Covering Climate Now campaign.

Timed to coincide with the UN Climate Action Summit, and in partnership with The Guardianour shared aim is to highlight the critical but under-covered story of the global climate emergency.

We’re highlighting the research and thought leadership that is having an impact on climate change, sustainability, energy and social responsibility.