Fees and funding

Explore the costs associated with studying abroad and the funding available.

Tuition fees

The programme you’re on will determine whether you’ll need to pay tuition fees to your home university or Manchester.

  • If you’re coming as part of an exchange programme where you’ve been nominated by your home university, you won’t have to pay any tuition fees to The University of Manchester.
  • If you’re coming to Manchester on our Study Abroad Programme, you’ll need to pay tuition fees directly to The University of Manchester or the third-party you apply through.

Tuition fees for the 2023/24 academic year are:

  • £9,850 – per semester;
  • £18,700 – for a full academic year.

Please note that a small number of subject areas may come with extra costs, such as for field trips in Geography or performance lessons in Music.

Exchange Extra

If you're a student from a partner university but can't join us on a nominated exchange – due to subject restrictions or a lack of spaces – we’ll offer you a 10% discount, called Exchange Extra, on our fee-paying programme tuition fee.

External scholarships

Your home university may provide funding to support their students studying abroad.

For students from the US and Canada, every year BUTEX awards a number of £500 scholarships to students coming to study in the UK for a semester or whole academic year. 

Students from the US may also be eligible for scholarships from the Department of State or the Fund for Education Abroad