Forms and guides

The following forms and guides will help you with your application for study abroad and exchange programmes at The University of Manchester.

Study Abroad guide 2023/24 (PDF document, 21.9MB)

Erasmus+ students – choosing your course units (PDF document, 281KB), this document will help Erasmus+ students to understand the course units that are available to them.

Erasmus Medical Applicants' Confirmation of Good Standing Form (PDF document, 34KB)

Erasmus Medical Applicants Study Block Details Form (PDF document, 221KB)

Erasmus Medical Students' Handbook (PDF document, 985KB)

Fall Assessment Approval Form (PDF document, 201KB)

Use this form only if you need to apply for an alternative form of assessment in order to return to your home university in early January. Please note that this option is only available if all of the following apply:

  • Your home university’s official Semester 2 start date is before the last date of Semester 1 at The University of Manchester.
  • You are studying with us for Semester 1 only.
  • The relevant academic discipline at The University of Manchester permits alternative assessment.

Exchange Partner or Agent/Representative Nomination Form (PDF document, 50KB)

All Erasmus and non-EU Exchange students must have this form signed by their home university to confirm they are an official Exchange nominee.

Fee-paying students applying through Arcadia, Eurolearn, CCSA or BEO must also have this form signed by a representative from that organisation.