Study Abroad

Many international students joining us on the Study Abroad Programme choose to do so for a full academic year; others come to Manchester for a single semester.

Study Abroad students find that spending a period of study at one of the world's best universities is not only a great experience in itself, but also enhances their academic insights, employability and life skills.

If you come to study in Manchester, you’ll be able to take advantage of a number of initiatives during your time here. These include:

  • a mentor scheme;
  • our Orientation programme;
  • International Society membership;
  • the opportunity to undertake service learning.

You can choose from a wide range of subjects for your period of studying abroad, as well as focus on particular skill pathways, including Leadership and ServiceEnglish Language, and Pre-Law. Students interested in sustainability issues might also wish to look at our sustainability programmes.

Check out our blog written by inbound Study Abroad/Exchange students for an insight into life as a Study Abroad student in Manchester.

Please note: students usually pay fees directly to The University of Manchester (unless applying through an intermediary such as Arcadia College of Global Studies or the Study Abroad Foundation (SAF)).