Fees and funding

If you are an international student looking to attend The University of Manchester on the Study Abroad Programme, you’ll need to plan your finances and funding in order to pay your fees and living costs.

Tuition fees for the Study Abroad Programme


Academic Year - £18,700
Semester - £9,850

Please note that these fees apply to all students, regardless of nationality or citizenship.

Please note that a small number of course units have additional consumable fees attached to them, which students must pay if they select these units. Examples may include some Music course units (which may carry fees for music lessons) and Geography course units (which may have field-trip costs).

Exchange Extra

If you study at an exchange partner university, but are not eligible to join us as an exchange student (for example, because there are insufficient places in a particular year, or because your discipline area is not covered by the exchange agreement), you can apply to join us as a study abroad fee-paying student, and will receive a 10% Exchange Extra discount off the regular study abroad tuition fee.

External scholarships

The British Universities Transatlantic Exchange Association (BUTEX) offers two scholarships each year for students from the US or Canada who have been offered a place as a study abroad or exchange student at a UK member university.

Students from the US may also wish to look at whether they are eligible for Benjamin A Gilman International Scholarships or Fund for Education Abroad Scholarships.

Cost of living

Remember that in addition to your tuition fees, you also need to budget for travel, accommodation and the cost of living.