Why study in the UK?

When choosing where you will take your degree, you may ask: “Why study in the UK?”

Our international students gain much more than a degree here. As well as the opportunity to learn new skills, you can take advantage of the excellent standards of teaching that the UK provides. The UK boasts the highest level of satisfaction among international students in the world.

Learn valuable skills

You will gain new skills that employers look for when you study for a degree in the UK.

British universities will help you think creatively, work on your own initiative and operate as part of a team.

Range and choice

Universities in the UK offer an extremely wide range of courses to choose from.

The University of Manchester offers more courses than any other university in the UK, along with a vast amount of expertise at postgraduate level.

Quality of teaching

British degrees are important to employers because they have a strong emphasis on gaining practical experience in the relevant field.

Admission to the UK's best universities is competitive, which means that class sizes are generally small enough to ensure that students have access to equipment and enough time to talk to their lecturers.

UK universities place greater focus on smaller group tutorials and one-to-one tuition.

Student life

The UK, and particularly Manchester, is a diverse and multicultural place which is home to several thousand international students each year.

Because of this, we have a range of facilities suitable for students of all cultures.

English language learning

English is widely regarded as the language of business, so it is an important part of your future career.

Studying in Manchester will help you learn the language through your study, friends and everyday life. We offer a range of specialised English language courses to help improve your communication skills.