Doctoral academies

Being a postgraduate researcher at The University of Manchester allows you to become part of a vibrant research community.

The University of Manchester offers a broad range of PhD projects in world-leading research groups while providing access to world-class facilities and support.

What are doctoral academies?

Each Faculty has a doctoral academy offering dedicated and streamlined end-to-end support to postgraduate researchers, from recruitment and admissions to your final thesis and graduation ceremony.

The doctoral academies help to create and sustain a research culture in which you can excel and reach your full potential.

The importance of research culture

Research culture is the environment in which research is designed, conducted and communicated.

The environment is constructed by clear expectations, values and behaviours between postgraduate researchers and academic networks. Research culture has a strong emphasis on the researchers' wellbeing and broader academic activities, including social and career development.

A positive research culture will allow for opportunities, support networks, and development for researchers within The University of Manchester.

Doctoral academies at Manchester

Each Faculty doctoral academy (and the Schools that they support) can be found below:

The Faculty of Biology Medicine and Health

  • School of Biological Sciences
  • School of Medical Sciences
  • School of Health Sciences

The Faculty of Humanities

  • Alliance Manchester Business School
  • School of Arts, Languages and Cultures
  • School of Environment, Education and Development
  • School of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Science and Engineering

  • School of Engineering
  • School of Natural Sciences