How we assess your application  

We assess each application individually and decide whether the content of your application provides evidence that you’re prepared to progress onto the course you’re applying for.  

You can review the 'application and selection' information on the course finder to understand how we assess applications for your specific course.   

We value good examination results, but they’re not the only factor we consider when assessing applications. 

What we consider

Additional considerations

In addition to the above, we may also ask you to: 

Confirming your offer 

Lots of our courses receive a high volume of applications for each available place unfortunately, we can’t offer places to all applicants who attain the minimum entry qualifications.   

Where places are limited, we offer them to those eligible applicants who best meet our selection criteria and who, in our view, are most likely to benefit from their chosen course and to contribute both to their academic School and the wider University.  

When exam results are published, we’ll confirm the places of applicants who meet the terms of their offer.

If you do not meet the terms of your offer, there’s no guarantee that you will be offered a place. This will depend on the course and the achievement of other applicants.