MPharm Pharmacy with a Foundation Year

Year of entry: 2022

Course unit details:
The Pharmacist (Year 2): Law and Professional Practice

Course unit fact file
Unit code PHAR20200
Credit rating 20
Unit level Level 2
Teaching period(s) Full year
Offered by Pharmacy
Available as a free choice unit? No


This unit provides students with the foundations they need for the practice of pharmacy. Students will learn the law and legislative framework as it applies to pharmacy and will apply this knowledge in professional skills online and face-to-face classes. Students will also gain a basic understanding of how to administer first aid.


Unit title Unit code Requirement type Description
The Medicine (Year 1) PHAR10100 Pre-Requisite Compulsory
The Pharmacist (Year 1) PHAR10200 Pre-Requisite Compulsory
The Patient (Year 1): Introduction to Human Biology PHAR10300 Pre-Requisite Compulsory
The Public (Year 1): Public Health Microbiology PHAR10400 Pre-Requisite Compulsory
Integrated Professional Practice (Part 1) PHAR10500 Pre-Requisite Compulsory


The unit aims to provide the students with the knowledge of the legal framework, processes and procedures relevant to pharmacy and the skills underpinning the practice of pharmacy, particularly dispensing (via online simulation). In addition students will be able to use appropriate reference sources to legally and clinically check prescriptions in order to ensure the legal, accurate and safe supply of prescribed medicines. Students will also practise their consultation skills relevant to prescription supply and will also gain a basic understanding of how to administer first aid over a range of medical emergencies

Assessment methods

This unit is PASS/FAIL and also governed by the following Special Regulations:

The pass mark in all tests and examinations relating to law is 60%. Compensation is not permitted. The professional skills exam does not attract a numerical mark and instead each request needs to be processed legally, accurately and safely.

LAW                                                                                                (Pass/Fail)

Semester 1: On-line 1 hour written exam             

Semester 2: On-line 2 hour written exam             

Overall law must be passed at 60% (20% of the mark from the semester 1 exam and 80% from the semester 2 exam).

PROFESSIONAL SKILLS                                                               (Pass/Fail)

Semester 2: 2.5 hour online exam, via MyDispense                                         

FIRST AID                                                                                       (Pass/Fail)

Semester 1: 1 hour on-line exam (true/false; must be passed at 80%)


Note: students will be required to attend at least 2 out of the 3 consultation skills classes to enable them to sit the online OSPE examination.









Feedback methods

Students will receive significant feedback during this unit.

Pharmacy Law

Quiz questions are used extensively within the pharmacy law online learning, to allow students to check their understanding in a timely manner. In addition, revision tutorials are utilised throughout the unit.

Professional Skills

Students will receive automatic feedback via MyDispense and blackboard quizzes throughout all of the professional skills tasks, on students’ assessment of prescriptions and their subsequent actions. Individual feedback will be given following each of the two formative exams.






Study hours

Scheduled activity hours
Assessment written exam 6.5
eAssessment 56
Independent study hours
Independent study 127

Teaching staff

Staff member Role
Ellen Schafheutle Unit coordinator
Victoria Silkstone Unit coordinator

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