Activities for the classroom

As we can’t deliver a lot of our activities face-to-face at the moment, we’ve collated videos and online resources that you can use with learners in the classroom.

We've grouped them by age group so you can easily find the ones most appropriate for your students.

These include subject-based activities from our PhD students and videos about student life from our undergraduate students that help to give a flavour of life at Manchester including accommodation, teaching and learning and careers.  

Booking a live classroom activity

We also have options for your students to interact with us and build on this online content.

If you’d be interested or have a different request, please email to explore more. 

Higher Education information, advice and guidance

A member of our team is able to deliver a live welcome and introduction to any of the activities on your preferred virtual platform.

We can tailor the content based on the year group we're speaking to and their current level of higher education knowledge.  

Live events

We can arrange a Unibuddy Live event for your students to engage with staff and students in a one-hour live text chat.

Students will be required to create individual accounts before signing up to attend, where they can ask questions.

Teachers and advisors can also take part and ask questions. The University will require four weeks’ notice prior to agreeing on a date to deliver this event.

Questions based on the activities

We can pre-record a video with staff and ambassadors based on questions you collect and submit from your students. Once recorded, we can then share the link of the recording for you to playback to your students.

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