Course unit list

Most disciplines are able to offer assessment before the Christmas break so that students who are required to return to their home institution by early January can complete their studies at Manchester in time to facilitate this.

Please note that, where available, alternative assessment can only be granted where a clash of semester dates requires a return to an overseas institution before the end of the fall semester in Manchester. Home university verification will be required. Fall assessment is also only available to students studying at Manchester for the fall semester only.

When you follow the links below, you will notice that in some cases you are taken to a page which begins with general information about the three-year bachelors degree programme in that subject area. Much of this introductory information is not relevant for study abroad and exchange students, who are allowed to select individual course units from across different levels and degree programmes. You should therefore simply scroll towards the bottom of each page to find the links through to the individual course units available for you to select. Please disregard instructions about certain units being mandatory.

If English is not your first language, please remember to also check any ‘Entry Requirements’ tab at the links below to determine whether you are eligible to take units in that subject area with your current language score.

Please note that the course units displayed on the site are for the current academic year, which runs from September to June. If your application for study is for the following academic year, course units are expected to be updated in May prior to the relevant September academic year start. Many course units run consistently from year to year, but you should remember when constructing your Proposed Study Plan that there may be changes to course-unit availability in the next academic year.

CoursesFall assessment available?Faculty
Accounting and Finance (PDF document, 212KB. Please check individual course units for availability for study abroad students) Yes Humanities
Aerospace Engineering No Science and Engineering
Archaeology Yes Humanities
Art History and Visual Studies Yes Humanities
Biological Sciences Yes Biology, Medicine and Health
Business and Management (PDF document, 436KB) Yes Humanities
Chemistry No Science and Engineering
Chemical Engineering No Science and Engineering
Chinese Studies Yes Humanities
Classics and Ancient History Yes Humanities
Civil Engineering No Science and Engineering
Computer Science No Science and Engineering
Creative Writing Yes Humanities
Criminology Yes Humanities
Drama Yes Humanities
Earth Sciences Yes Science and Engineering
Economics No Humanities
Education   Humanities
English Language and Linguistics Yes Humanities
English Literature Yes Humanities
Entrepreneurship Yes Humanities
Environmental Science Yes Science and Engineering
Fashion Retailing Yes Science and Engineering
French Studies Yes Humanities
Geography Yes Humanities
German Studies Yes Humanities
History Yes Humanities
History of Science, Technology and Medicine Yes Biology, Medicine and Health
Humanitarian/Conflict Response   Humanities
Interdisciplinary Learning (including Leadership and Service) Yes  
Italian Studies Yes Humanities
Japanese Studies Yes Humanities


Yes Humanities
Management and Leisure Yes Humanities
Materials Science Yes Science and Engineering
Mathematics No Science and Engineering
Mechanical Engineering No Science and Engineering
Middle Eastern Studies Yes Humanities
Music Yes Humanities
Neuroscience Yes Biology, Medicine and Health
Nursing (restricted availability) No Biology, Medicine and Health
Petroleum Engineering EART units only Science and Engineering
Philosophy Yes Humanities
Physics and Astronomy No Science and Engineering
Planning and Real Estate Yes Humanities
Politics and International Relations Yes Humanities
Psychology Yes Biology, Medicine and Health
Religions, Theology and Ethics Yes Humanities
Russian Studies Yes Humanities
Social Anthropology Yes Humanities
Sociology Yes Humanities
Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies Yes Humanities
Textile Technology Yes Science and Engineering

Please note that restrictions apply to courses units offered in some subject areas and that appropriate academic prerequisites are always required.