Star Lecture archive – Jeff Forshaw

Underpinning most of modern physics, quantum physics describes a very strange and counter-intuitive world, where tiny particles act as if they are in several places at the same time.

In 'The Quantum Universe', a lecture aimed at A-level students, particle physicist James Forshaw presents the crazy rules that control the behaviour of a quantum particle and shows how they impact upon questions about the world around us, including the discovery of the Higgs particle at CERN.

Jeff has published more than 100 research papers and books, including two best-sellers co-authored with Brian Cox. He has won the Institute of Physics’ Kelvin Medal for his work explaining science to non-experts.

You can watch 'The Quantum Universe' below.


Further reading

Cox B and Forshaw J. The Quantum Universe: Everything That Can Happen Does Happen. London: Penguin; 2011.

Additional resources

TED Studies. Physics – The Edge of Knowledge. Wiley.