Mexico / Scholarships

GREAT scholarships 2021

In partnership with the British Council and the GREAT Britain Campaign, The University of Manchester is offering eligible students from Mexico three GREAT scholarship of £10,000 for master’s in the Global Development Institute and Planning and Environmental Management.

CONACyT scholarships

The University of Manchester is pleased to partner with CONACYT in funding Mexican students for PhD study, and with CONACyT-FUNED for Master’s level study. We provide a 30% discount on tuition fees for CONACyT funded postgraduate students.

CONACyT’s 2021 Call for international scholarship applications has been published, prioritising study in health-related research areas. 

Our Faculties of Science and Engineering (FSE) and Biology, Medicine and Health (BMH), have announced a number of ‘tuition top up scholarships’ to help supplement the difference between University of Manchester fees and the maximum CONACyT contribution towards tuition fees. There will be up to five such top up scholarships available in FSE and up to four such awards in BMH.

Please consult with your prospective supervisor and PGR contacts:

For other funding opportunities, including a number of ‘Dean’s Awards’ in FSE for PhD study commencing 2021, please contact: 

FUNED scholarships/study loans

The shared CONACyT-FUNED call will also reflect priorities in health-related programmes. Find out more about study loan options through FUNED.