Spain / Entry requirements

General entry requirements

We operate a devolved admissions system and all admissions decisions are made within academic Schools. Admissions staff for individual courses reserve the right to judge the relevance and acceptability of any qualification or subject.

Our admissions staff assess each application holistically and judge whether the content and demand of the qualifications presented will have sufficiently prepared you to progress on to the course you’re applying for. Entry requirements will vary from one course to another and compulsory subject requirements may apply. Please refer to the specific entry requirements for your chosen course.

General requirements for undergraduate courses

Students studying the Spanish Bachillerato (Título de Bachiller) will normally be required to achieve a minimum of 8.0 overall. Specific scores may be specified in certain subjects.

The offer will vary depending on the subject for which you apply. Please refer to the information below as guidance for grade comparisons to A-level entry requirements:

9.5 overall 9.0 overall 8.5 overall 8.0 overall
Subject specific requirements for Título de BachillerA-level grade
10/9 A*
9 A
8 B

General requirements for postgraduate/research courses

Students who have obtained the Licenciado / Título de Ingeniero / Título de Arquitecto would usually be considered for entry to master’s courses and would normally be asked to achieve at least 7.0 out of 10 overall.

Students who have obtained the Título de Máster would usually be considered for entry onto PhD courses and would normally be asked to achieve at least 7.0 out of 10 overall.

English language requirements

All applicants to the University (from the UK and overseas) are required to show evidence of English language proficiency.

For further information about our English language admissions policy, including a list of the most common English language qualifications we accept, please visit our English language requirements page.

Some Schools ask that the appropriate score has been met before you apply for a course, while other departments give conditional offers subject to applicants achieving our general entry requirement level of English Language proficiency before starting the course.

Other entry requirements

Please note that this is generic information only. Faculties and academic Schools have different entry requirements and some qualifications may not be acceptable for certain courses, so it is important to check with the School directly before you apply.

Some courses have additional entry requirements such as previous work experience, submission of written work with the application or previous study of a particular subject.