Zimbabwe / Entry requirements

General requirements for undergraduate programmes

High grades in GCE A-levels or ZIMSEC A-levels exams will be considered for direct entry onto our undergraduate courses. Please refer to the below table for grade equivalence between ZIMSEC A Levels and the A-level requirements specified on our course pages.

A-level ZIMSEC A-level
A*A*A ZIMSEC A-level Certificate with AAA
A*AA ZIMSEC A-level Certificate with AAA
AAA ZIMSEC A-level Certificate with AAA
AAB ZIMSEC A-level Certificate with AAB
ABB ZIMSEC A-level Certificate with AAB

General requirements for postgraduate programmes

Students applying with an honours degree from Zimbabwe with high grades will be considered for admission to our master's programmes.

English language requirements

All international students coming to study in the UK on a Tier 4 visa/Student Route visa are required to demonstrate their proficiency in English language. The minimum English language requirements for each programme are specified in the course description. We accept a range of global English tests, for example: IELTS, TOEFL iBT. 

Alternatively, we can usually accept a high score in English in the ZIMSEC GCE O Level (if taken within the last seven years). The minimum grade requirement is a grade C in English for courses requiring IELTS (6.06.5). 

Some courses have higher requirements as shown in the table below: 

​IELTS requirement 5.5–6.5​ 7.0​ 7.5–9.0
ZIMSEC GCE O Level – English Grade C B A

For further guidance about evidencing English language proficiency, please contact the International Office or the relevant admissions team. Alternatively, consult our English language requirements.