Cost of living

The cost of living in Manchester makes it a good option for postgraduate research students who want to study at a UK university.

Relative to other UK cities, Manchester is an affordable place to live; we consistently rate highly in student living surveys. This is something to bear in mind as you calculate the cost of essentials such as accommodation, food and books.

Although living expenses can vary greatly from student to student, the table below gives a breakdown of the essential living costs of an average Manchester student for one academic year.

The table below breaks down the estimated living costs for a full-time postgraduate student over an academic year (52 weeks). The figures are based on approximate costs for the 2020/21 academic year. These costs are intended as a guide only.

Estimated living costs 2022/23 for postgraduate students

CostPostgraduate year (52 weeks)Weekly cost (based on 52 weeks)
Accommodation (self-catered) £7,700 £148.08
Meals (excluding meals out) £2,600 £50
Clothes £520  
Local transport (excluding travelling home/visiting friends)* £535 Weekly, monthly and annual bus passes available
Other (eg mobile phone bill, socialising, laundry, photocopying and printing) £3,120 £60
Total £14,475  

*Based on cost of weekly bus pass.