USA / Alumni

There are currently around 7,900 University of Manchester alumni in the US; they can be found across all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Our US alumni have gone on to take up a wide variety of professional roles, including teaching positions at colleges such as Harvard University, Columbia University, Stanford University and the University of California.

The North American Foundation for The University of Manchester (NAFUM) is our independent fundraising organisation in the US and many alumni are members. Through their generosity, they are able to provide valuable support for a range of prestigious scholarships to study here.

In our alumni's words

“The most valuable aspect of my time in Manchester was the University resources and the people. I enjoyed being able to actively participate with the community and to find activities related to my interests. I was able to get a lot out of my experience with Manchester because I put a lot into it. Having a Bachelor's Degree has gotten me a job at a great company in the financial sector of the US. Without a degree, I could only be a teller. With a degree, I'm a manager.” Meaghan Couture, Colorado, BA English Language, 2013 

“My time at The University of Manchester gave me a completely new perspective on my future employment and study. It opened so many new doors and encouraged me to think critically about the US, my own privileges and the things that I had taken for granted. I think that I am leaving the programme not only a better scholar, but also a more reflective person, which will be important in the next phase of my life.” Nikki Luke, Connecticut, MSc Environmental Governance, 2015

“Manchester is an amazing city and you just won’t run out of things to do! Great football, great shopping, great pubs, museums, the Curry Mile, restaurants and much more. Plus there are lots of great things to see that are just a short train or bus ride away like Liverpool, The Lake District, Leeds and York.” John Hinton, USA, MSc Business Analysis and Strategic Management, 2013

Further details of our alumni services can be seen on our alumni and Give to Manchester pages.