USA / Entry requirements

The application and selection process when applying to UK universities is different to that in the US. Please click on the relevant tab below for more information.


Applying from High School

An undergraduate degree in England is only three years – rather than four – in duration. We do not teach any general education classes, meaning that you only study the subject area of your choice from the start. Entry requirements are transparent, and based on standardised test scores.

Our A-level and GCSE requirements vary by course. For applicants who are studying or have completed the US High School Diploma at an accredited school within the US, we typically require qualifications which are the equivalent of:

  • 3 A-levels (at scores such as A*, A, B)


  • GCSE English and Mathematics/Science (at scores such as A or 7, B or 6, C or 4)

Equivalent qualifications to GCSE (any of the below):

  • SAT I with a score of 1290
  • ACT with a minimum score of 27
  • High School diploma with a minimum of 3.0 and grade 12 classes at the grade equivalency of a GCSE exam (for example, A in Mathematics in grade 12 is equivalent to 7 in GCSE in Mathematics).

Equivalent qualifications to 3 A-levels:

Our A-level requirements can typically be met through a combination of:

Three AP tests or dual enrolment/college level classes taken during high school in separate subjects (including any subject requirements), plus completion of the High School Diploma (for which we do require a specific GPA of 3.0).

We can accept any combination of these requirements, for example one AP test and two dual enrolment/college level classes. These exams will be considered when taken within the past two years before enrolling on your chosen course.

Due to the volume of applications we receive, combined with the vast range in schools and grading scales across the US, we cannot provide pre-application confirmation as to whether specific departments and courses will consider a specific college level class or AP test. We recommend getting in touch directly with your admissions team.

It is not necessary to have taken a full suite of AP tests or college level classes at the time of application. Applicants who will be taking these tests or classes in their senior year and are on track to achieve the scores detailed below will be eligible to apply.

The typical scores that we consider equivalent to three A Levels are:

A-level requirementsFor AP exams
AP equivalency
A*A*A* 5,5,5,5
A*A*A 5,5,5,5
A*AA 5,5,5
AAA 5,5,5
AAB 5,5,4
ABB 5,4,4


For dual enrolment/college level classes:

A-level requirementsCollege level class equivalency**
A* A+
A A/A-
B B+/B/B-



**College level classes should be in a named academic subject (rather than practical or recreational) and must be the equivalent of three units/credits or one semester in length.

Subject specific requirements

No specific AP tests or dual enrolment class will be required for courses that do not have specific A-level or GCSE requirements. Specific AP tests and dual enrolment classes required for courses that have specific A-level or GCSE requirements at scores of A or 7 (or above) are detailed below as per 2023 entry.

Please note that our academic departments review entry requirements at the beginning of the application cycle. For this reason, we are not fully able to confirm requirements in advance of accepting applications and variations from 2021 requirements may occur. 2023 entry requirements should be taken as indicative of likely requirements for 2024 entry.

When submitting your UCAS application it is essential that you detail target / predicted scores for tests you are due to take in Senior Year, as well as achieved scores for tests you have already completed.

Applying from Community College

Students will need to provide high-school grades and standardised tests as though applying directly from high school. You should also provide details of credits taken at Community College or Four-Year College.

Transferring from a Four-Year institution

A minimum GPA of 3.0, preferably 3.3 or above is required for most courses.

Students interested in gaining advanced standing* (beginning the course in Year 2), must demonstrate that studies undertaken to date match what has been covered here in Manchester. Please note that year 2 transfers are not available for all courses.

*Year 2 is the highest advanced standing we offer.

Submitting your application

The only way to apply to The University of Manchester for an undergraduate / bachelor’s degree is via UCAS – the UK’s centralised application portal. UCAS allows you to make a maximum of five applications to UK universities or courses.  You can find out more by visiting The University of Manchester guide to applying, or by visiting

Once submitted, we aim to respond to your application within two weeks.

The UK operates a system of 'conditional' and 'unconditional' offers. If we want to make you an offer, but you have not yet taken your AP tests, then we would usually issue you a conditional offer subject to you achieving certain test scores. You can submit your test scores after you have made your application, and this is usual practice in the UK. It is for this reason that you must detail tests which you are due to take on your UCAS application.

A conditional offer is a guaranteed place at the University providing you achieve the conditions set.

The Designated Institution Code for The University of Manchester is 3737.

ACT has assigned college code number 7026 to The University of Manchester.

Postgraduate / Grad School

A postgraduate degree in the UK is only one year – rather than two – in duration. Exact entry requirements vary by programme, but we generally require:

  • An undergraduate degree
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0, preferably 3.3 or above
  • For some postgraduate programmes, the major or content of you undergraduate courses may be taken into consideration

Submitting your application

We accept direct applications, submitted online, for entry to postgraduate degree programmes – the majority of which have no application fee. Find out more about applying for postgraduate programmes.

Once submitted, we aim to respond to your application within two weeks.

The UK operates a system of 'conditional' and 'unconditional' offers. If we want to make you an offer, but you have not yet graduated, then we would usually make you a conditional offer subject to you achieving a certain GPA. You can submit your GPA after you have made your application, and this is usual practice in the UK.

A conditional offer is a guaranteed place at the University providing you achieve the conditions set. 

If you have any questions relating to the application or admissions process, please contact the International Officers for North America prior to submitting your application. 

Other entry requirements

Please note that this is generic information only. Faculties and Schools have different entry requirements and some qualifications may not be acceptable for certain courses, so it is important to check with the School directly before you apply.

Some courses have additional entry requirements such as previous work experience, submission of written work with the application or previous study of a particular subject.