BSc Information Technology Management for Business / Course details

Year of entry: 2023

Course description

Why study Information Technology Management for Business at Alliance MBS?

Developed in collaboration with leading global blue-chip employers, this course aims to create `the ideal graduate' whose skills cover the challenging middle ground between business and IT.

The uniqueness of the course is recognised by more than 40 employers who maintain its quality and relevance to their sectors.

Accenture, Bank of America, Deloitte, Ford, Fujitsu, IBM, P&G, and many other companies help to deliver the course through project work, student mentoring and a range of professional development activities.

This course is also available with a one-year work placement - see  BSc IT Management for Business with Industrial Experience  for more information.


Information Technology Management for Business is home to future leaders of the IT industry.

Together with your outstanding fellow students from around the world, you will learn the application of technology within the modern workplace across diverse industries.

Everything on the IT Management for Business course is focused on the application of practice, enabling you to understand the real-life challenges faced by industry.

No previous technology experience is required to join the course, only a passion for harnessing innovation and creativity to improve the management of IT.

Special features

  • Complete team projects set by employers such as Procter and Gamble and Credit Suisse. 
  • Bi-annual on-campus ITMB showcase and recruitment events - present your project work to the likes of Amazon, Bank of America, Fujitsu, JPMorgan Chase and Procter & Gamble, just a small selection of the 40+ employers who support the degree.
  • Other events include business challenges, competitions, graduate and placement student panels, and skills sessions delivered by companies such as KPMG, Fujitsu, and Bank of America.
  • Selected course units grant exemptions from professional exams.

Teaching and learning

You will normally study four or five course units per semester.

Each week there are usually two hours of lectures for each course unit and a one-hour workshop in alternate weeks, although this varies slightly.

You are expected to double this in private study.

Group work and group or individual presentations will form a regular part of your assignments.

Coursework and assessment

Essays, multiple choice tests, project reports and presentations, in-class tests, and weekly assignments constitute the coursework component of assessment, although the nature and proportion of coursework varies across course units.

The remainder of assessment is by unseen examination.

Depending on the degree course, in your final year you can choose to do a research-based dissertation or project.

We aim to strike a balance between examinations and assessed coursework as well as providing opportunities for feedback on progress through non-assessed work.

Course unit details

You take course units totalling 360 credits over the duration of your studies in order to graduate with Honours (120 credits in each year of study).

Generally, one-semester courses are worth 10 credits and full-year courses are worth 20 credits.

As your studies progress you have increasing flexibility in choosing courses which suit your personal interests and career aspirations.

Course content for year 1

Project work integrates business and IT throughout the degree.

Our current first-year project is supported by Credit Suisse and involves developing an application to solve a real business problem.

In addition to foundation-level course units in IT, you will also study marketing, economics, and work psychology.

By the end of your first year you will have presented your team project to employers at two employer showcases and participated in skills sessions delivered by companies such as KPMG, Fujitsu, and Bank of America.

Course units for year 1

The course unit details given below are subject to change, and are the latest example of the curriculum available on this course of study.

TitleCodeCredit ratingMandatory/optional
Economic Principles : Microeconomics BMAN10001 10 Mandatory
Principles of Marketing BMAN10101 10 Mandatory
Integrative Team Project 1 BMAN10690 20 Mandatory
Introduction to Work Psychology BMAN10872 10 Mandatory
Software Application Design and Development BMAN11000 20 Mandatory
Academic and Professional Practice BMAN11030 10 Mandatory
Fundamentals of Data Analytics BMAN11060 20 Mandatory
Database Design and Development BMAN11092 10 Mandatory
Fundamentals of Information Systems BMAN11101 10 Mandatory

Course content for year 2

During your second year of study, you will undertake core course units in Business Analysis, Digital Transformation, User Experience Design, and Data Analytics.

What sets the ITMB course at Manchester apart is our ability to provide you with the opportunity to customise your programme of study to ensure that it fulfils a learning experience that meets your individual goals.

Our current second-year Integrative Team Project is supported by Procter and Gamble, where you will be tasked with the undertaking of a yearlong team consultancy project, the result of which will be displayed to employers at the end of both semesters.

Course units for year 2

The course unit details given below are subject to change, and are the latest example of the curriculum available on this course of study.

TitleCodeCredit ratingMandatory/optional
Business Data Analytics BMAN24621 20 Mandatory
Business Analysis BMAN24630 20 Mandatory
Digital Transformation BMAN24642 10 Mandatory
Integrative Team Project 2 BMAN24650 20 Mandatory
User Experience Design BMAN24662 10 Mandatory
Fundamentals of Finance BMAN10552 10 Optional
Fundamentals of Financial Reporting B BMAN10621B 10 Optional
Fundamentals of Management Accounting BMAN10632 10 Optional
Consumer Behaviour BMAN20271 20 Optional
Technology, Strategy and Innovation BMAN20792 10 Optional
New Product Development and Innovation BMAN20821 10 Optional
Creativity, Design & Entrepreneurship BMAN24241 20 Optional
Ethical Business BMAN24261 20 Optional
Marketing Management BMAN24281 20 Optional
Operations Management and Strategy BMAN24291 10 Optional
International Business BMAN24312 20 Optional
Marketing Communications in the Digital Age BMAN24352 20 Optional
Sustainable Business BMAN24372 20 Optional
Economic Analysis I: Firm Market and the Economy BMAN24431 20 Optional
Foundations of Strategy and Innovation BMAN24442 20 Optional
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Course content for year 3

Your final year provides an in-depth view of data analytics, IT risk, and architecture.

You will gain practical skills in the design and application of business IT architectures through a core unit developed with IBM, which applies a case study from the global technology giant.

You will also undertake your own final-year research project - the development of an IT solution to a business problem which will encompass investigation, requirement analysis, design, and evaluation of your proposed solution.

Previous ITMB students have studied a variety of topics including how large corporations use technology to manage teams across geographic locations and time zones, IT provision in the treatment of diabetes in the NHS, and the implications of the rise in social networking on management.

Course units for year 3

The course unit details given below are subject to change, and are the latest example of the curriculum available on this course of study.

TitleCodeCredit ratingMandatory/optional
ITMB Final Year Project BMAN31260 40 Mandatory
Business IT Architecture BMAN32141 10 Mandatory
Data Analytics with Progamming Tools BMAN32200 20 Mandatory
IT Risk, Cybersecurity and Governance BMAN32232 10 Mandatory
Marketing Strategy BMAN31302 20 Optional
Services Marketing Management BMAN31312 20 Optional
Retail Marketing BMAN31461 20 Optional
Marketing and Society BMAN31621 20 Optional
Advanced Strategic Management BMAN31731 20 Optional
Economic Analysis II: Corporate Development, Growth and Strategy BMAN31881 20 Optional
Innovation and Markets BMAN31911 20 Optional
Digital Economy: Platforms, AI and The Business BMAN31952 20 Optional
International Competitiveness and Innovation BMAN31992 20 Optional
People Management and Change BMAN32091 10 Optional
Supply Chain Management: Logistics and Purchasing BMAN32151 20 Optional
Sustainable Business in Society BMAN32251 20 Optional
Entrepreneurship and Venturing BMAN32261 20 Optional
FinTech Revolution: The Digital Transformation of Financial Services BMAN32272 20 Optional
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Course collaborators

The distinctive feature of this group of courses is the strategic involvement of world-class firms within the IT sector that partner with Alliance Manchester Business School to provide input to the course, in the form of prestigious `guru' lectures, real business problems or projects, and mentoring.

The degree has been introduced and directly supported by business and commercial input.

What our students say

Hear from current ITMB students over on our YouTube channel.

  • Srishti  is originally from the UAE. She talks about her transformative experience on the course, including the integrative team project and volunteering initiatives at the University. 
  • Ioana  is originally from Romania. She talks about her experience on the course, including her full-year work placement at Procter & Gamble.  
  • ITMB graduate  Ellis  works at Amazon Web Services as an account manager. He talks about why he chose to study ITMB at Manchester and how the skills honed during his degree are relevant to his graduate role.  
  • ITMB graduate  David  works at the Bank of America. He talks about how his work placement at the Bank of America led to a graduate position.



John Rylands University Library is renowned as one of the most extensive libraries in the world.

This is complemented by our specialist business and management Eddie Davies Library which provides a dedicated service to Alliance Manchester Business School undergraduates.

There is increasing provision of information via various web-based services and much of your reading material will be available through e-journals.

These and other standard computing services, such as access to the internet and word processing, are available through computer clusters across campus in departmental buildings, libraries and halls of residence.

Many buildings in and around the campus are also equipped with free Wi-Fi access.

Personal development plans

PDPs are aimed at helping you develop awareness of generic transferable and subject-specific skills, improve independent learning and provide a record of your academic learning and achievement.

Academic advisors

All new Alliance Manchester Business School students are allocated an academic advisor who you will meet in regular sessions as part of a first-year course unit.

Where possible, you will keep the same academic advisor throughout your time here.

Your advisor will support you throughout your studies on matters of an academic nature, from providing feedback on a practice essay in preparation for your `formal' assessment at the end of each semester to discussing your PDP or writing you a reference.

We also have a dedicated undergraduate assessment and student support centre within the School, who will be your first point of contact for any ill health or other personal problems which are affecting your work.

Student mentoring

We operate a peer mentoring scheme which aims to provide you with a second or final year 'mentor' to provide practical assistance with orientation and induction as well as advice and information on any aspect of student life.

Disability support

Practical support and advice for current students and applicants is available from the Disability Advisory and Support Service. Email: