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Meet Riddi Viswanathan

Riddi (a graduate of BSc Business Studies and Economics) talks about her journey to The University of Manchester.


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"What I had let myself in for was three years of amazing experiences in a vibrant city with people from across the globe. People are extremely friendly and if after two weeks you’re able to walk down Oxford Road (the main University road) without bumping into a friend/acquaintance, you haven’t spent the last two weeks in Manchester (that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much)."

Ananya Gupta
BEng Electronic Engineering with Industrial Experience

Student profile: Ananya Gupta

"I would encourage all international students to study, learn and interact with a culturally diverse group through societies and social groups. I would also recommend using the Careers Service. I benefited from CV support, job application workshops and a mock interview, which helped me get over my fears of a real-life interview. This support helped me land a job with one of the main financial regulators of India."

Shilpi Bhatia
MSc Finance, now Finance Analyst for the Ministry of Finance, India

"Right after completing my master’s degree I got an offer to join Avesthagen Limited in India as a Business Development Executive in their Science and Innovation Division. I was responsible for some of the biggest upcoming projects in the field of diagnostics. Within a few months my role expanded to include business development activities for the biopharmaceutical division.

"I attribute a significant part of my ability to handle a multipronged task to the training imparted during my course to balance science and business, vertical and lateral thinking, creative and practical approaches to ensure overall progress of the project.

"I have now landed this position in Life Cell International Pvt Ltd as Senior Manager, Strategic Business Development. I will be spearheading some of the new projects in the company in the areas of stem cells therapy, prognostic care and others."

Ishaan Khanna
MSc Biotechnology and Enterprise, now Senior Manager, Strategic Business Development at Life Cell International Pvt Ltd

"I started my job search in October via job fairs, and the Internet – I looked up many different manufacturing companies to identify the types of jobs on offer, and when they were recruiting. I also signed up to Milkround and was notified of any openings. In December I prepared my CV and started applying to a number of companies.

"Airbus was one company to invite me for the first round of interviews in February, together with three online tests. The final interview took place in March. I was nervous but excited as I knew there would be two in-depth interviews as well as a presentation, which would last all day. From 11 finalists, I was one of two people chosen to start the graduate programme!

"My advice to prospective students is not to lose hope. Getting a job in the UK as an international student is challenging, so you need to start looking straightaway to avoid missing deadlines for applying."

Sophia Paraman
MSc Operations, Project and Supply Chain Management, soon to start at Airbus