Ananya Gupta: international student profile

Ananya Gupta is a BEng Electronic Engineering with Industrial Experience student from India. She came to Manchester four years ago to start her degree within our School of Engineering, and has since received academic awards, attended an international conference, and undertaken a full industrial placement during her time at the University.

Ananya Gupta

“Why did I choose the University of Manchester? Honestly speaking, I went by the world university rankings and course reputation and little else. I’d never been to the UK before, let alone Manchester, so I wasn’t sure what I’d let myself in for (other than what the Internet told me, of course!).

“What I had let myself in for was three years of amazing experiences in a vibrant city with people from across the globe. People are extremely friendly and if after two weeks you’re able to walk down Oxford Road (the main University road) without bumping into a friend/acquaintance, you haven’t spent the last two weeks in Manchester (that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much).

“Missing home is inevitable, but Manchester helps you there as well, especially if you’re desi. It’s home to the famous Curry Mile, where you’ll find anything Indian you discover a craving for, whether it be food, dresses, chaat or even the dulcet tones of the motherland (there’s no lack of that anywhere in the city to be honest). There’s always something happening for Diwali and the cold weather doesn’t stop us from playing Holi.

“Academically speaking, the course itself is very well taught but the star attraction for me is the industry exposure. I did a year-long industrial placement as part of my degree which was amazing in terms of the learning experience and real-world exposure.

“Joining The University of Manchester was probably one of the best decisions I made.”