Aaron Phang: international student profile

Aaron Phang is a student from Singapore who chose The University of Manchester due to our strong history in engineering. He’s now studying for a BEng Mechanical Engineering in our School of Engineering. Currently the President of the Singapore Student Society of Manchester (SSSM), Aaron is looking forward to developing his skills further over his remaining degree years and has ambitions to work in the UK after his graduation.

Aaron Phang

“Engineering at Manchester had always been my top choice when I decided to study abroad in the UK. The University has achieved much recognition in the field, and with close ties to many big engineering firms such as Rolls-Royce, BP and the National Grid, it provides great employment opportunities for their fresh graduates.

“My School has a strong research team and approachable staff who are always willing to assist you as you progress. The School also provides all the necessary knowledge and relevant experience so that students will be well equipped before working in industry. The best thing about my course, however, is that the professors conduct their lectures in an entertaining manner – sometimes using subtle jokes within their teaching.

“What surprised me most about the University when I first arrived here was that the historical buildings are still preserved, considering Manchester is developing rapidly. The Welcome Week was filled with friendly faces assisting you as you start to settle in. I personally feel that this week is important for new students to get familiarised with their course and unit leaders, and meet new friends.

“Since arriving in the UK, I have been able to meet people from different parts of the world and be exposed to their cultures. I would recommend students to join the International Society to form friendships and experience cultural diversity. Being 7,000 miles away from home, it was my ambition to become President of SSSM so that I can give every Singaporean studying here a ‘home away from home’ experience so that they don’t feel lonely – and at the same time bring in a bit of Singaporean culture to Manchester.”