Chendrawaty Indah Jopoetro: international student profile

Chendrawaty Indah Jopoetro is an MSc Business Analysis and Strategic Management student from Indonesia. In this short film she talks about the accommodation available at The University of Manchester.



When I first came here, I opened my door, and it actually already fulfilled all of my expectations. I set up my room, buying some utilities like bedding and toiletries; decorated a little bit – and it’s so nice.

The best thing about living in George Kenyon is the location – it’s close to the University, it’s close to the city centre; even if I want to find some food I can just walk five minutes from my accommodation. I even have a Chinese supermarket that’s close to my place.

In terms of the payment itself, it’s very easy for me, as I only need to pay once every three months – and it covers all of the expenses such as water billing, and electricity.

What I love about living in halls of residence is that it’s located inside of the University cluster – in my halls, it's just dedicated for the postgraduate students, so it is so convenient to live here. It’s really nice because we get along, and they become your family – for instance sometimes we cook together, and we talk in the kitchen about our daily life. It’s a nice experience to have a sense of community with other students in The University of Manchester.