Alifa Mentari Putrinda: international student profile

Alifa Mentari Putrinda is an MSc Marketing student from Indonesia. In this short film she talks about the learning resources at The University of Manchester.



The great thing about The University of Manchester is it has a lot of options for you to study. They have the library, they have the learning commons, they have the PC cluster, and they have a lot of buildings which have really good spaces to study.

My favourite place to study on campus is the learning commons and also the main library. I think it's very cool, the place is very convenient, it is very comfortable; they have a cafe downstairs, they have coffee.

When you see the atmosphere, when you see the design, it makes you feel you want to study – the accessibility because it is open 24 hours, so you can just go there at 11pm or stay overnight if you have lots of deadlines. So it’s a really cool place and I’m really proud of it.

It is very easy to find books and also any learning resources in the library. They also have access to any databases you need. For example, I'm studying marketing and we need a lot of market research data. So once you have a project you can just go online, find any resources you need there.

I think The University of Manchester really supports me. As a student here, I feel that I can get anything I need for my study. They have online resources, they have any books that I need, and also they have the really cool places. So I think as a student I'm really satisfied with The University of Manchester.