Jiaqing Lin: international student profile

Jiaqing Lin is a BA Linguistics and Sociology student from China. In this short film she talks about how you can develop skills by taking part in the student societies at The University of Manchester's Students' Union.



When I came to The University of Manchester, I joined several societies, including Manchester Trading and Investment Society, Manchester Chinese Business Society, and Manchester RAG, which is a volunteering society.

I found that societies not only help you build your network, but also provide you with many technical skills, to enhance your employability and prepare for your future career path.

I’ve recently got some interviews for summer internships for this year, and I found that societies really play a vital role in helping me secure those interviews. By meeting new friends and communicating with different people, like recruiters, you can really get a broader insight of what you’re going to be involved in, and how the business world is really like. So I think these are all really precious resources for students to use within societies.

I think that societies really play an important role in securing my sense of ownership in the University. Being involved in societies is clearly a great way for me to meet new friends and get exposed to a wide range of activities and events, as well as to enhance my social and transferable skills, and flourishi in my University life here at Manchester.