Lina Khraise: international student profile

Lina Khraise is an PhD Development Policy and Management student from Jordan. In this short film she talks about cultural life of Manchester.



Before coming to Manchester I had thought that I would mostly be doing all of my studying just in University. There are a lot of spaces to sit and work and study on campus – but after just walking around the city I found a few favourite spots that I can just disengage and instead just connect with the city a bit more.

One of my favourite places to sit and work outside of the University is the central library; aside from obviously just having a nice quiet area just to work, you have more access to resources that are actually quite interactive; you can see some of the interactive maps and the screens around here. It’s really nice just to get to know a bit more about people in Manchester.

I expected that with Manchester being such a large city, it would be difficult to get around – but everything is actually quite accessible and close. You can get away with just walking to all your favourite places, or taking the bus. The tram is also really easy to use.

A lot of the heritage that I found interesting was here in Albert Square, and that is where quite a few events are hosted throughout the year. Most famous would be the Christmas market – it’s a really good winter event to wander around in.

I would definitely recommend to international students to have a look around and just go beyond the University. There’s so much to do, it doesn’t matter what you’re interested in, you’ll find it – whether it’s museums, art galleries, strolling around in the park or visiting some of the libraries. I’m also really excited about going to the football stadiums, especially when my brother comes to visit – it will be a really good time.