Evelyn Calispa: international student profile

Evelyn Calispa came to Manchester from Ecuador to study for an MSc in International Development (Environment, Climate Change and Development). Spending time both in Manchester and Uganda for her programme, Evelyn’s ambition is to continue on to PhD study after successfully increasing her research skills over the past year.

Evelyn Calispa

“I chose to study my master’s at The University of Manchester as it offers a broad range of pathways, which is essential for people who are looking for innovative fields of study. I feel the main strength of my course is the availability of multidisciplinary academic staff to support students – the support facilities are exceptional, any requirement is efficiently managed and we always have a solution.

“An important feature of my course is the overseas fieldtrip. Fieldwork helped me to develop advanced competencies which only can be fully understood in the field. I’d never been to Africa before, and my time in Uganda was one of the best experiences of my life. On the one hand, I learnt academically, but on the other, I also learnt about life. The fieldtrip was so well organised that we didn’t waste any time. I definitely recommend undertaking fieldwork as it is such a life experience and gives you a real advantage both as a student and as a professional in the future.

“The best thing about studying in Manchester is that it is a student city. Being a student here therefore has a lot of privileges, such as discounts on food, transportation, events or in stores. Make the most of your time in Manchester – find the opportunity for exploring the city and its surroundings. Travelling in the UK is easy and convenient, so take advantage of that.

I would also recommend new students to join student societies – I was surprised by the number of societies available at the University. It’s a good way to do what you like with people who share the same interests.

“I am planning to do a PhD after graduation. The education system here provides a balance between supervised and individual research. I consider that my skills for conducting independent research have improved a lot at The University of Manchester.”