Adaeze Aniodoh: international student profile

Adaeze Aniodoh is a PhD Law student from Nigeria. In this short film she talks about the quality of a Manchester degree and the varied opportunities available at the university and in the city.



My name is Adaeze Aniodoh, I am from Nigeria and I am studying a PhD in Law at The University of Manchester. I chose to come to The University of Manchester to study for a PhD because degrees from here are recognised all around the world. The research quality of The University of Manchester is very high and the Department of Law offers a wide range of scholarships and I was fortunate enough to be offered a fully funded scholarship.

For me personally, I have been exposed to a wide range of opportunities. I happen to be the Executive Director of the Women in International Law Network, which is a professional forum for young women in international law to talk about their experiences and also promote gender equality.

Manchester is a very beautiful city, it is very cosmopolitan and multicultural. You also have very friendly people who are willing to help you and living in Manchester is quite affordable. Manchester has a lot of football clubs which are recognised all around the world such as Manchester United and Manchester City.

I would like to contribute my voice to the world by working in an international organisation such as the United Nations. I believe working in such an organisation would give me the opportunity to be able to influence policies and laws that will contribute positively to the world and humanity.