Ahmad Alali: international student profile

Ahmad Alali is a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) student from Kuwait. Ahmad successfully obtained a prestigious scholarship from the Ministry of Higher Education in Kuwait in order to study for his BDS at Manchester. Now in his fourth year of the degree, he has excelled in both his academic and extracurricular activities – and plans to continue his studies to postgraduate level after he completes his degree next year.

Ahmad Alali

“When applying for a course, I chose Manchester because of its great reputation, significant contributions to global research and for being ranked one of the top UK universities for dentistry. As I walk within the University and look around the campus, I realise that I’m actually looking at a place where science was revolutionised. Every time I visit the Dental Hospital, I pass by the Rutherford Building where the atom was first split. I couldn’t ask for more; it’s just phenomenal.

“Immersing myself in the clinical environment from a very early stage was incredible; you feel like a dentist from the very beginning. The enquiry-based learning scheme gave me the necessary skills to identify my own learning needs and enhance my confidence throughout the course.

“I’ve developed a new oral hygiene tool, which has very recently been patented in the US Patent and Trademark Office, with full sponsorship by Sabah Al-Ahmad Centre for Giftedness and Creativity back home in Kuwait. Being in Manchester means inspiring others and being inspired.

“As an international student, studying in the UK has helped me build the person I want to become. I am very proud that I have founded the Kuwait Society at The University of Manchester, and I am also a member of the organising committee of the British Undergraduate Dental Research Conference – organised by the Manchester Undergraduate Dental Research Society. Being part of societies has been a great experience and incredibly fun at the same time.

“The Manchester Leadership Programme (MLP) was another fantastic opportunity. I was involved as it was part of my third year of study – I volunteered with NHS Blood and Transplant by promoting blood donation and registering new donors, as well as arranging some blood donation groups. I recommend everyone at the University to take part in the MLP and to aim for its Gold Award.

“My plan after graduation is to expand on my learning with a postgraduate programme at the School of Dentistry at The University of Manchester. It’s an honour to be a student supervised by inspiring staff at the dental school and hospital, who all give their time and efforts for us.”