Ryan Sosiawan: international student profile

Ryan Sosiawan is an MSc Advanced Computer Science – Information Management student from Indonesia. Ryan came to study at Manchester as an LPDP scholar, successfully securing funding as part of the Indonesian government scheme. Aside from his master’s degree studies, highlights of his year in Manchester include touring the Manchester United FC stadium, joining the committee of the PPI-GM Indonesian Student Society and, when possible, enjoying his spare time in the city with his wife and daughter.

Ryan Sosiawan

“The University of Manchester is one of the most pioneering universities in computer science across the UK. Not only are there so many historical legacies, but the course content is also aligned with current market demands and trends. On top of that, the alumni network is large and spread among major forefront enterprises in IT industry.

“My course has three key strengths: course content, the lecturers and the facilities. The course content is incredibly exciting, up to date, and represents the current market context. The lecturers are visionary and, in terms of the facilities, beside the fact that the libraries and Alan Gilbert Learning Commons are some of the most complete and cutting-edge study facilities in the UK, I can always find many favourite spots to sit and focus.

“In particular, I love two course units: Foundations of Machine Learning and Data Analytics for Business Decision Making. The reason being that these two modules are complex, but the lecturer team have made them very well structured and straightforward – and thus very fun to learn.

“Manchester is a vibrant multicultural city. What’s so good about the city is that although it’s multicultural, the local British cultures are ingrained into everyone. Just look at the unique Mancunian dialect, the diehard football fans, as well as the free lunchtime classical orchestra concerts … and that’s just a start. I love the city!

“As I have my family with me, I live in a privately rented flat. My flat is located in the Fallowfield area, next to a kindergarten. The neighbourhood is lovely and most importantly, close to many amenities. One of the interesting things is that while many students live in this area, it always feels quite peaceful. I am a Muslim, and I was glad to find out that a masjid is only three minutes away from my flat. Next door is also a Medical Centre – and so everything is sorted out!

Viewing is very important when searching for private accommodation. Nevertheless, searching online is an important first step to do this. Thankfully every administrative thing (agency contract and payment) could be sorted out remotely before I arrived in the UK.

“After graduation, I am going back to Indonesia. The field of data science is currently still in the early stages of growing in my country. Therefore, after acquiring this valuable knowledge during my time in Manchester, I would like to apply it there, to help my country grow.”