Pablo Andres Quilachamin Catota: international student profile

Pablo Andres Quilachamin Catota is a BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering student from Ecuador. In this short film he talks about the International Society available to students in Manchester.



The International Society is a place which helps international students to get more involved in the University. I first heard about the International Society when I was in Welcome Week, as there was a person who was talking about the International Society and all the benefits you can get from being part of it; such as International 16, the Rocket World, and the many trips around the UK every weekend.

The best experience that I got from being part of the International 16 was the fact that I met new people that later became my best friends, whom I can count on for anything that I need.

I got involved in some cultural evenings, because I really found them very interesting. You can gain more about the culture of the country such as the traditional food, the traditional music and the costume.

I really recommend students to go to the International Society, not just for the events or the projects, but also for the many classes where you can learn another language such as Spanish, Italian, Japanese. It makes me feel like I haven’t left my country because I know more people and have got involved in many events and projects. I really like it and enjoy my time in the International Society.